Our Profile

Clyde Watson, Inc. is a family operated business that has been around the western Maine area for over 20 years providing quality work in the construction and snowplowing industries. Clyde has lived in Fryeburg all his life and in addition to his business endeavors past and present, has provided employment to many family, friends and neighbors of the community. His wife of 32 years, Twyla, has worked with him from the beginning and was instrumental in developing and shaping the office to accommodate the diverse business activities. Their son, Gabe, is an accomplished equipment operator and also maintains and services the equipment with his exceptional mechanic skills which in itself is vital to keeping the whole operation running smoothly on a day to day basis. Clyde and Gabe are second and third generation firemen on the local fire department and Twyla has been a member of several local community groups.

About ten years ago, Clyde and a partner opened up Frost Mountain Sand and Gravel, LLC in Brownfield, ME which has proved to be a good ‘sister operation' with the excavation business.

Clyde and his employees are committed to provide expert workmanship for every project, no matter how big or how small. Each job is done with the same level of expertise and the finished product is as he would have wanted it done for himself.

Whether it's a new septic system or the repair of an existing one, top dressing a driveway, a whole site job from cutting and clearing the trees to planting the lawn, give Clyde a call and he will be happy to talk to you about your excavation needs.


Clyde Watson Excavation ٠ PO Box 409 ٠ Fryeburg, Maine ٠ 04037